Harness SMS for Lasting Subscriber Connections

 A smart email onboarding sequence can raise retention by 20%, yet an effective SMS messaging strategy can double this impact.

Creating meaningful connections with subscribers is pivotal for retention
yet traditional methods like email and chat fall short. Emails often land in spam folders or go unread, while waiting for subscriber queries via chat might be too late to mitigate issues upfront.

Enter SMS Messaging / Texting and "Connected Subscribers" —these innovations are gaining traction for a reason. Email, chat, and other conventional modes of communication are proving less effective in today's landscape.

That's why we've invited Ken Rapp, CEO of Blustream, a tech company specializing in post-sale product engagement, to share his expertise. Ken, a serial entrepreneur, has mastered the art of leveraging AI and SMS in subscription businesses.

In this workshop, we will dive into the world of SMS/Texting to not only build trust but also significantly enhance subscriber engagement.

Discover the art of utilizing SMS messaging right after the sale, seamlessly onboard new subscribers, guide them through their exciting unboxing experience, and ensure top-notch customer support for lasting subscriber engagement and retention. 

This workshop will arm you with:

✅ Proven tactics to boost retention and engagement via SMS
✅ Secrets to creating a "connected subscriber"
✅ Expert advice on overcoming SMS implementation challenges
Industry best practices for onboarding, unboxing, and customer care through SMS
✅ Key elements for a successful SMS program launch
✅ Insights into the direct impact of these strategies on your 2024 revenue

Join us on Wednesday, January 17th at 1 PM Eastern to explore how SMS and AI can build trust and engagement with your subscribers. Don't miss this opportunity to gain insights and actionable strategies from Ken Rapp!

This workshop is perfect for:

  • Subscription businesses seeking scalable subscriber engagement strategies through SMS
  • Subscription Product Owners, Growth and Retention Managers, CTOs/IT Executives in subscription-based companies

Don't miss out! Elevate Your Subscriber Retention with SMS in 2024. Register now and transform your subscriber engagement approach with SMS!


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Ken Rapp, CEO at Blustream Corporation

Ken is a dynamic entrepreneur and commercialization leader. He’s founded businesses, created markets, and provided significant return to shareholders. Ken is passionate about marrying unmet needs with practical solutions and he specializes in enterprise value creation thru commercialization. His expertise includes launching products, building scalable business models, and creating culture that enables employees to thrive. Ken is a member of the Accelerator Fund Investment Committee and an active TAN Advisor at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI). He is a Trustee of the Zenie Foundation, helping young people become effective adults and make fiscally responsible choices.

Kathy Greenler Sexton, CEO, Subscription Insider

Kathy Greenler Sexton is the CEO of Subscription Insider and a recognized expert in subscription business models, market strategy, brand development, and information products. Subscription Insider is an information company focused on delivering news and insight for growing profitable subscription businesses. Learn more at and