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How Hayu Expanded Globally: 
A Subscription Success Blueprint


Learn how NBC Universal’s OTT reality streaming service, Hayu, successfully expanded internationally. 

Launching or expanding a subscription business into new and emerging markets is a major investment, and if successful, can drive rapid revenue growth. However, there are numerous considerations that businesses must address to make expansion a success.

Join Subscription Insider on Thursday, Feb. 2 at 1 PM Eastern, to learn how Hayu approached their key technological requirements for their subscription business when developing an international footprint and tapping into fragmented audiences. 

Think local, to go global!  Get a success blueprint for your subscription business, including learning about:

  • Regional go-to-market channels – navigating the various distribution channels to land & expand in new markets
  • Local payment methods – accepting localized and alternative payment options across various channels
  • Multiple currencies & languages – processing recurring transactions in multiple currencies & languages
  • Payment routing – driving cost-effective, cross-border transactions and maximize approval rates
  • Regulatory challenges – reducing regional compliance obligations, including payment & consumer data
  • Localized operations & support – managing subscribers with multi-lingual support teams
  • Global sales tax – automating and managing regional tax variations per country or state …and much more.

Mark Walker, Director of Innovation & Strategy, at Aptitude Software, will join the discussion. Register now to learn how Hayu expanded geographically and the lessons learned along the way. 



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Mark Walker, Director, Strategy & Innovation for Subscription & Revenue Management

Mark has 10 years' experience in managing products, projects, and portfolios across finance, e-commerce, and business software solutions. He leads the Aptitude Software Subscription & Revenue Management Strategy & Innovation Team, aligning emerging opportunity hypothesis and product development, to support long-term business strategy, that drives and supports the overall vision and mission.
Before embarking on his technology career, Mark was a Police Officer with the Greater Manchester Police for seven years. In this capacity, he developed many valuable communication, time management, and risk mitigation skills. Believing that these attributes are all part of a good product leader’s tool kit, Mark now leverages his experience and extensive knowledge to lead MPP Global subscriptions and billing product team.

Kathy Greenler Sexton, CEO at Subscription Insider

Kathy Greenler Sexton is the CEO of Subscription Insider and a recognized expert in subscription business models, market strategy, brand development, and information products. Subscription Insider is an information company focused on delivering news and insight for growing profitable subscription businesses. Learn more at www.subscriptioninsider.com and www.subscriptionshow.com